PRIMER Aluminum Mirror
PRIMER Aluminum Mirror
  Product introduction
  The aluminum mirror produced by using vacuum magnetron sputtering technology for the first time in the country is baked with two-layer paints and operates on full automatic flow line, which totally changed traditional production process and technology level of aluminum mirror and thus improved quality in a ture sense.



 (1) Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering coating technology,Al coating much stable

(2) All kinds of tinted mirror can be produced with normal clear float glass

(3) High reflection and imaging perfect

(4) Double paints for protection,Perfect resistance of corrosion, longer using-time

(5) Much competitive price


Thickness: 1.8mm To 10mm

Capacity: 15,000,000 SQM/Year

Color: clear, ultra clear,euro bronze, dark bronze,euro grey,blue-grey,dark grey,ford blue,dark blue,F-green,yellow,violet
Special spe
cifications can be customized as per requests

Mark on the back of mirror: neutral or print customer's brand

Packing: mirror interlayer with paper, packed by plywood cases.

Back surface paint colour: grey, green,red,white,blue

First-class equipment and technology backup : Self-owed intellectual property rights of vacuum magnetron sputtering Aluminium technology by Zhongbo Glass,it,s achieved by grinding,washing,coating,painting,drying different process.Taking Italy FENZI green paints,and being dried with infrared lamp,guarantee the new Aluminium mirror with perfect quality.
Powder interleaved pieces, easily-dismantled iron racks and wooden crates packing, easily storage, and suitable for long distance sea and inland transportation.