FENZI EPOXY Silver mirror
FENZI EPOXY Silver mirror
  Product introduction
  FENZI new generation paint--EPOXY which have better protection and better corrossion resistance and better acid resistance.The paint side is firm and smooth, the glass side is clear and bright.Under same environment and condition, Epoxy mirror has better anticorossion ability than before paint and pass CASS 600 Hours tess without obvious corrosion.The paint protect-bility of epoxy mirror is much better, so theThe lifetime will be three times longer than common mirror, and the performance is certainly better.problems of 'black edge' will be greatly decreased. Silver mirror: using high-quality float glass as raw sheet, washed by purified water, polished, sprayed, sensitized, silver coated and copper coated consecutively. The first pass: paint-drain to be corrosion-resistant and dry, the second pass: paint-drain to be waterproof, hard and dry. It adopts import waterproof protective paint with back one corrosion & dampness resistant and waterproof.


Primary glass: silver mirror is make of clear float glass,low iron ultra clear float glass, tinted glass,coated reflective glass


Thickness: 1.8mm To 10mm

Capacity: 15,000,000 SQM/Year

Color: clear, ultra clear,euro bronze, dark bronze,euro grey,blue-grey,dark grey,ford blue,dark blue,F-green,yellow,violet
Special spe
cifications can be customized as per requests

Mark on the back of mirror: neutral or print customer's brand

Packing: mirror interlayer with paper, packed by plywood cases.

Back surface paint colour: grey, green,red,white,blue