Mirror and Lacobel Glass manufacturing:
    Italy BOVONE whole import copper & lead free silver mirror production line and independently developed magnetron sputtering coated silver mirror production line.

Further processing:
    Full automatic high-class silver and aluminum production line, Italy INTERMAC full automatic computer cutting machine, Finland TAMGLASS horizontal tempering furnace and Luoyang North glass flat/bent tempering production line, Italy BOVONE import edger and sophisticated processing equipments like screen printing, roll printing, hollow, laminated, washing and grinding ones.

Human resources
The company currently has over 800 employees including dozens of postgraduates and senior engineers with professional management personal and technicians of bachelor or college degree over 40%.

It has established long-term cooperative relationships with well-known science & research institutes, dedicated to development and application of new technology glass and enters long-term partnership relationships with famous universities on relevant majors in order to provide new human resources to the enterprise.

Quality center
The product lab jointly founded by dozens of QCs and professional engineers is aimed at repeatedly exploring the product formula and process, reforming and innovating to continuously perfect, pursue higher goals and firmly advance bravely, which will lay a solid foundation for forging Zhongbo brand.

Pass ISO9001 certification
Pass Korea KS certification
3C product certification
European CE certification